An Encouragement from Sr. Gamache"


As this is not a 'blog' per say, La Clase Divertida Company and our COVENANT Family Only COVENANTLY MARK(ED)&SEAL(ED): 'uniquely our(s)', The Garden of Eden, The LORD'S Garden, ETC./etc. of The Kingdom of GOD, want to Honor and Give in GOD's COVENANT POWERFUL PROMISES/Prophetic Praise(s) to our GOD WHO COVENANTLY, with HIS Greater Work(s) allows us with HIS COVENANT HOLY and RIGHTEOUS PLEASURE BEAUTIFULLNESS/IN HIS COVENANT POWERFULL ABUNDANT x2BLESSEDNESS: IN HIM in order to Receive HIS COVENANT POWERFULL BREATH OF ALL IN ALL OF HIS COVENANT FORGIVENESS/PEACEFULLNESS/WISDOM/ KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING AND REASONABLENESS/CALMNESS PURE IN HEART OF HIM AND HIS HAPPINESS/GLADNESS/JUBILEE-JOYFULLNESS/COURAGEOUSNOUS/FAITHFULLNESS/ THANKFULLNESS/BEAUTY OF HOLINESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS in the day to day, x2 measureBlessedness FROM GOD because HE IS for us and nobody , no thing, nothing can now and forever never be against us because of GOD and HIS GREATER WORKS with me/our small COVENANT Family Only, 'uniquely our(s)',ETC./etc. , and your(s) of The Kingdom of GOD in these forwarding days to be in agreement with our GOD ALL IN ALL in HIS NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S) for HIS COVENANT ALLMIGHTY POWERFUL PROMISES PROPHETIC FULLNESS OF HIS GLORIOUS JOY OF THE LORD WHO IS OUR ABSOLUTE JUBILANT POWER/STRENGTH FRUITZION/PROCLAMATIZION OF HIM FROM HIS NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S), IN HIS: BREATH PEACE ALL sin is FORGIVEN, you are HEAL(ED) LIVE Now THE Kingdom of GOD is within and at GOD'S RIGHT HAND, at hand, IN GOD'S HANDS IN,OF,FOR,FROM GOD and HIS: COVENANT TABERNACLE FIERCE PROTECTZION/ GENTLE CARE AND LEADING OF US UNDER HIS YAH/NISSI: BANNER OF HIS Tabernacle/Temple NEW CREATZION COVENANT in the land(s)/sky LOVE/KINDNESS/FAITHFULLNESS/COURAGEOUSNESS/GLADNESS/JUBILEE/FREEDOM/LIBERTY, PROSPEROUSNESS IN ALL WAY(S)/ PROVITZION IN ALL WAY(S)/ PROTECTZION IN ALL WAY(S)/SOUND MINDFULLNESS IN ALL WAY(S): IN GOD'S KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM/PEACE: (Micah 4:1-4): GOD IS FOR US NOBODY, NO THING, NOTHING IS AGAINST US/ ETC./etc. BREATH/SHEMA GOD'S PEACE/WISDOM for ALL to see(Psalm126) upon HIS earth and in HIS skies that HE IS GOD(COL. 1(+), 1:19-23, 2) and HE LOVES EVERYBODY (From GEN. 1(+) TO REV. 1(+) : (Genesis 1(+), 3, 14, Psalms 2, 18, 24, 32, 33, 35, 45, 46:9-11, 47, 48, 89, 91, 92, 100, 103, 119, 121:5, 126, 139, 148, 150; Prov. 31, 12:10, 1:1-4, 8, 28; Zechari-YAH 1(+)13,14; Joel 1(+),2; Jeremi-YAH 23,29:11,31,33; Haggai; Ruth; Ezekiel; Malachai, Isai-YAH 1(+),6,7,9,11,28,32,40,44,51,53,56,60,61,62, James 1(+), 1:5, Jude, Revelatzion 1(+), 3:7-12, 4, 5, 14, 15; Galatzions 1(+), 4; Matthew 12; Acts 3: (Holy and Righteous Beautiful Gate(s) of GOD'S x2 MEASURE OF HIS BLESSEDNESS); Romans and Corinthians: COVENANT GOD'S ALL NEW Creatzion(s): we do not eat meat it is offensive: GOD LOVES HIS Animal(s) both male and female and HIS Human(s) both male and female, and HE WISELY AND TENDERLY LEADS/CARES TOWARD ALL of HIS COVENANT Creatzion IN HIS NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S) IN HIS COVENANTLY ALMIGHTY POWERFULLY HOLY RIGHTEOUS PERFECT x2 MEASURE OF HIS BLESSEDNESS DESIGN (THE GARDEN of EDEN/NOAHIC/MOSHIACH/ABRAHAMIC/DAVIDIC COVENANTS ETC./etc.; also more scripture ( that of course goes with all of GOD'S NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S) in print here) how we as GOD'S COVENANT Creatzion agree to Worship/Proclaim GOD'S GRACE GRACE PEACE AND MERCY: Ephesians 1(+), 2, 4, 6:10, THE SONG of Song(s): HOSHIANEEM/HOSHIANA MOST HIGH, 1 Peter/Cepha 1(+), 2, BEATITUDES and THE LORD'S PROPHETIC POWERFULL PRAY(S)ER(S), and THE TEN (TITHE) COMMANDMENTS/THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE OF GOD that also COVENANTLY CONTINUES NOW AND FOREVER TO BRING FORWARD how GOD also FIERCLY PROTECTZIONS/PROSPERS HAPPILY/JUBILANTLY/JOYFULLY HIS NEW COVENANT creatzion IN HIS NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S), IN HIS COVENANTLY ALMIGHTY POWERFULLY PERFECT DESIGN AS HE JUDGES BETWEEN US ALL, ALL WAYS REMEMBERING THAT HIS enemies are ONLY against HIM (John 1(+), 6:3, 7:7, John 17, John 12, from Genesis 1(+) to Revelatzion 1(+) that GOD IS GOD: Colossians 1(+), 1:19-23, 2; Hebrews: The following is more of this a 'melody of a myriad journalistic words to COVENANTLY Powerfully Praise and Proclamatzion GOD WITH GOD'S NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S),ETC./etc. to encourage you and your COVENANT Family(s), as well, in your relatzionship(s) and responsibilties with our THE ONE TRUE TRIUNE ALMIGHTY GOD MOST HIGH CREATZIONER GOD:

Our GOD can only have TRUE Worshipper(s/Friend(s) IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH/HIS WORD(S)/BREATH/SHEMA/NAMES : CHESED/KINDNESS (CHESED: Hebrew language for: ALLMIGHTY WISE / PEACEABLE 3rd Day Resurrection All New Creation CREATZIONER GOD(Col. 1:19-23) SAYS: LIVE RIGHT NOW HEAVEN ON EARTH, KINGDOM OF GOD is within if you have made the decisitzion to receive HIS COVENANT RELATZIONSHIP and The Kingdom of GOD Is At Hand, from/for GOD'S HOLY RIGHTEOUS DOUBLE MEASURE FULLNESS FOR EACH COVENANT Family (Nature Body Nature and Human Body Nature) MARKED AND SEALED WITH ALL OF GOD'S COVENANT PROMISES TO LIVE/WORSHIP ONLY HIM: NOW Heaven on GOD'S Earth in ALL OF HIS ALLMIGHTY STRENGTH IN HIS WISE PEACE COVENANT PROMISES TO PROSPER, PROVISTZION, PROTECTZION(S),SOUND MIND(S), JUBILEE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM IN HIS HOLY RIGHTEOUS DOUBLE MEASURE BLESSEDNESS IN HIS ALLMIGHTY FULLNESS IN/WITH/FROM THE LORD YAH JESUS/YESHUA NEZER MOSHIACH PROPHETIC PRAYER/PRAISES GOD'S (Col. 1:19-23): Live Now HEAVEN On Earth: The Kingdom Of GOD(Col. 1:19-23): BREATHE/SHEMA ALL sin is forgiven, you are heal(ed) Live Now HEAVEN ON EARTH From GEN. 1(+) TO REV. 1(+) (THE HOLY OF HOLIES/SONG OF Song(s)/Joel 2/Zechari-YAH/Prov. 31, Prov. 12:10, Prov. 1:1-4, Prov. 8, Prov. 28, Prov. 28, Psalm 110, Psalm 24, Psalm 45, Psalm 126, Psalm 100, Psalm 121:5, Psalm 103, Psalm 89, Psalm 104, Psalm 48, Psalm 148, Psalm 150, Jeremiah 23, 29:11, 31, Isai-YAH 6, 7, 9, 11, 42, 44, 28, 32, 60, 61, 62, Cor./Romans All new creation : eat no meat it is offensive/ Jude, James 1:5, Eph. 1,2,4,6:10, 1Peter/Cepha 2, Matt.12, Acts. 3THE Garden of Eden/ The LORD'S Garden/ PEACE ON EARTH (Micah 4:1-4)UPON THE EARTH BOTH NOW AND FOREVERMORE, ETC./etc.

HAVE A GREATER/NICE DAY(S) and that includes all that you are only suppose to care about !!!