A Blessing from LCD

THE FOLLOWING is an '*******Encouragement*******' that includes GOD'S: (i.e. HIS NAMES/BREATH/WORD(S) FROM GENESIS 1(+) TO REVELATZION 1(+) that HE IS GOD: Colosstzions 1:19-23, 2, ETC./etc.) a Kindness of written form unique to my/our COVENANT Family's 'uniquely our(s)', ETC./etc. style of journalism of small phrases (instead of lengthy prose) that includes GOD'S BIBLE SCRIPTURE(S) with each phrase that has a (;) to give clarity to each phrase as punctuatzion(s) for you to be able to quickly read what is trying to be printed in order to: In GOD'S JUBILEE-JOYFULLNESS OF THE LORD WHO IS OUR COVENANT POWER LOVE AND SOUNDMINDFULLNESS: IN HIS WISDOM/PEACEFULLNESS/REASONABLENESS: Proclaim and Live for anyone who wants/delights to see and hear of in GOD'S Thankfullness/Proclamatzionally/Praise/Worship of our GOD that HE ALONE IS OUR ONE TRUE TRIUNE ALLMIGHTY CREATZIONER GOD because of HIS GRACE GRACE PEACE AND MERCY toward ALL HIS creation and that this written form is about GOD's 'Greater Work(s) of GOD/COVENANT with us and for us in HIS COVENANT Beloved Favor Days of our creatzion smallness', now and forever as HE IS THE ANCIENT OF DAYS/THE I AM, and this is our desire to share HIS encouragement for those COVENANTLY MARK(ED) AND SEAL(ED) in/of The Kingdom of GOD in HIS GRACE GRACE PEACE AND MERCY and for those may be seeking COVENANT GOD'S TRUE HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS GRACE GRACE PEACE AND MERCY.