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LCD LEVEL 1 NEWStreamline Teacher Set
LCD LEVEL 1 NEWStreamline Teacher Set
Price: $105.00

This program is the same as the Original 22+ years old La Clase Divertida Level 1 Teacher Set DVD/AudioCD Spanish Language Curriculum and multicultural activities....+ The LCD "Streamline" Spanish Language Curriculum Program includes: both "Stream"Tech AND DVD/AudioCD your "Stream Tech" Code is given to you when you make your LCD purchase and then you email us at funclase@cfl.rr.com and make your "Stream Tech" request ((LCD does require proof of purchase)); an EnglishSpanish Dictionary; a memory card that each specific family/group/school may copy their copy needs for both the LCD Level 1 Teacher Book and LCD Level 1 Student Workbook and workpages....+; and there is a list of companies that have the items that you may purchase at their location specific about the
LCD Level 1 multicultural activities that you may choose specific about you and your students participation....+
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