Homeschool /Co-ops
If you got to read the "About Us" section iconed at the top of our HomePage, you'll have noted where LA CLASE DIVERTIDA first began to take shape! Not only is foreign language education a profession of choice, we also homeschooled in our family unit for 14 years.

The HomeSchool "market" is where LA CLASE DIVERTIDA was launched, tested, and proven! We have often commented that to serve in this arena in both business and ministry capacity is truly a BLESSING and a very encouraging environment for us to minister. We have made so MANY friends these 20....+years with LA CLASE DIVERTIDA among the many thousands of homeschoolers who have utilized and utilize LA CLASE DIVERTIDA at this time (which we believe to be approximately 20,000....+ families in the years 2021....+) worldwide.

We have foreign language curriculum experience with both individual family homeschool education (with children ages from 2 to 18), and in homeschool co-op group scenarios as well. From full week studies, to once a week/once a month enrichment programs (and any other format these creative homes and co-ops are arranged) LA CLASE DIVERTIDA DVD/CD/Cultural Studies (cultural supplies included)...will provide all of the instruction assistance for you. No experience with the language is necessary! We have also helped groups as large as 25 families to 2 families per group...! :) Please view La Clase Divertida sample videos at La Clase Divertida's Online Front Page Level 1 Curriculum.  For Frequently Asked Questions about how to implement La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum please visit FAQ at the top of LCD'S Front Homepage near: About Us.    Thank you very much for your interest in La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum and/or Thanks very much for your purchases of La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum....+  Blessings to you and yours!!!!+