The need for foreign language instruction in Private Schools has increased in popularity with educators as they have experienced the longterm benefits of teaching a foreign language to their elementary and middle school students. LA CLASE DIVERTIDA has been one of the forerunners as well as having become one of the frontrunning leaders in this "niche" area of education. 

LA CLASE DIVERTIDA's diversity in the Private School for the past 10 years has been well received as either a core curriculum or supplementary enrichment program, with its use depending upon the needs of the individual school and the foreign language goals established for their students. We have also gained a GREAT deal of experience and SUCCESS in the past decade in helping Private Schools who are seeking to implement a foreign language program for the FIRST TIME with their younger students. 

OUR goal is to come alongside the Administrator/Educator as an encourager with both the confidence and the curriculum they need to succeed in this wise endeavor! Please check out what we have to offer and Please let us know how we may best serve you!