We have many homeschooling missionaries who utilize LA CLASE DIVERTIDA for their family's preparation for the mission field. As you well know, missionaries, are not the only ones who leave their native homeland to serve in a distant land. We have a "mission field" where-ever we are! If you and your family find yourselves with an interest in knowing the people of the Hispanic Culture and/or the desire to share The Gospel of The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the Hispanic people, we are a GREAT foreign language program to utilize for these endeavors! 

Along with the Cultural Activities, Cooking, Songs, Games, Stories, and Geography, etc. of several different Spanish speaking countries being introduced in the curriculum (cultural materials provided!), what makes us first and foremost accessible is that we are a CONVERSATIONAL LATIN AMERICAN LANGUAGE program that you begin utilizing from the very FIRST lesson! We also are very BIG on our program being not only utilized as an academic accomplishment, but as a relational skill to continue to hone and develop! As you study with the LA CLASE DIVERTIDA Spanish Language Curriculum, this will become a part of your thinking process as well; and ultimately enhance your Spanish speaking capabilities! Please view La Clase Divertida sample videos at La Clase Divertida's Online Front Page Level 1 Curriculum; For Frequently Asked Questions about how to implement La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum please visit FAQ at the top of LCD'S Front Homepage near: About Us.  Thank you very much for your interest in La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum and/or Thanks very much for your purchases of La Clase Divertida Spanish Language Curriculum!!!!+  Blessings to you and yours!!!!+