LCD LEVEL 3 NEW Streamline Teacher Set
LCD LEVEL 3 NEW Streamline Teacher Set

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This program is the same as the Original 22+ years old La Clase Divertida Level 3 Teacher Set DVD/AudioCD Spanish Language Curriculum and multicultural activities....+  The LCD "Streamline" Spanish Language Curriculum Program includes both "Stream"Tech AND DVD/AudioCD your "Stream Tech" Code is given to you when you make your LCD purchase and then you email us at and make your "Stream Tech" request ((LCD does require proof of purchase)); an EnglishSpanish Dictionary; a memory card that each specific family/group/school may copy their copy needs for both the LCD Level 3 Teacher Book and LCD Level 3 Student Workbook and workpages....+ ; and there is a list of companies that have the items that you may purchase at their location specific about the LCD Level 3 multicultural activities  that you may choose specific about you and your students  participation....+